FUMIYA TANAKA / 0716 (sat)

FUMIYA TANAKA @ unagidani sunsui

2011 / 07 / 16 / SAT

open start around 28:57
   ....moon out sun coming ~


2000YEN w/1drink

■FUMIYA TANAKA ( op.disc / Sundance )
自らのセルフレーベルであるTOREMA RECORDS、半野喜弘と共同で主宰するop.disc、
DVD作品 [via]ではフィジカルな反射と途切れることの無い明確な思考の結実としての
op.discでは半野喜弘(aka RADIQ / Cirque)
2008年に秋に新レーベルSundanceを始動し7年ぶりとなる3rdアルバム[Unknown 3]をリリース。

Fumiya Tanaka has been regarded as one of the legendary DJ/artists in Techno over 15 years.
He has been doing numerous projects such as his private label “TOREMA RECORDS”,
his recent label “op.disc” (co-running with Yoshihiro HANNO aka RADIQ),
and his famous party “CHAOS” (in Tokyo and Osaka), and through his long running career,
he has been successfully expressing the possibilities of music. His unique style is focused on “minimal” techno,
but through his play, he pulls out the beauty, the depth and the thickness of music and turns “minimal” into “maximum”.
This is one of the reasons why he is still at the top.
As his recent works, he has been working on his live unit,
“DARTRIIX” with Yoshihiro HANNO aka RADIQ and has already released three EPs and a full length album on op.disc.
Now he is planning to start a new label called “Sundance” and it is scheduled to be launched soon.